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No other sport blends into nature better than golf. No two golf courses are exactly the same. Every grassy plain that has seen numerous tees has its story to tell, and we’re here to do just that. From those tucked within majestic alpine peaks to the paradises by the coast, we’ll be curating the stories of the best golf courses from one golfer’s perspective to another golfer.


500,000 – number of adults who play golf every year in New Zealand, making it the sport with the highest adult participation

397 – number of golf courses in New Zealand, according to Golf New Zealand, governing body of the sport

2 – second most popular sport for women after netball

1 – most popular sport for men

For golf enthusiasts, we’ll be publishing reviews of the golf courses across the country, whether it’s the Royal Wellington, Paraparaumu Beach, Jack’s Point, or Tara Iti,.


341,534 – 2020/2021 9 Hole Rounds


276,508 – 2019/2020 9 Hole Rounds


252,412 – 2018/2019 9 Hole Rounds

Every year, more people, home and abroad try their hands at golf. For many of them, it’s a form of meditation, simultaneously relaxing and engaging, few distractions and a general unity of purpose. All this within the setup of a great peaceful scenery. With Go For Golf, you won’t just learn about the game of golf and places you can enjoy it. You’ll also access resources on coaching, and membership of golf clubs across the country.


If New Zealand is the golfer’s paradise, Go For Golf is the compass to navigate this lush green paradise. Chances are, if you’re reading this from New Zealand there is a golf course close to where you are,  Here at Go For Golf, we’ll enlighten you on what it takes to maintain some of the best kept golf courses in the world. New Zealand offers one of the most affordable golfing experiences anywhere. Whatever your income level, you’ll find something here and we’ll help you get started. Just don’t be surprised when you run into the occasional herd of sheep from time to time.

For those outside New Zealand, the country is far from most places in the world, but it overdelivers even if you flight to get here may be over 12 hours - so that is saying something!
Go ForGolf points you to all you need to know for the ultimate golfing experience.. A good golfer has to be in good form. Here we’ll share resources on what it takes to stay fit, body and mind, to fully participate in the deep sport of golf.